5 Home Improvement Tips to Increase Value

February 2, 2018Chris Bump

The best home improvements check off a few boxes. First, they make your home more attractive. They also make your home more livable. They turn a house into your home. Not all home improvements must increase your home’s value, but if you’re looking to do just that then there are some jobs that do the trick more so than others. Here’s where to start if you’re looking to sell now or down the line.


Remodel your bathroom


Though it may be the most expensive improvement on this list, it’s also the best investment. Not only will a brand new bathroom make your home infinitely more enjoyable for you and your family, but it is one of the best returns on investment in the home remodeling game.


According to HomeAdvisor, the average price to remodel a bathroom is $9,290 – $21,319 and the project timeline is about 3 weeks – 4 weeks. But its ROI is competitive. Some specific bathroom remodels that pay off are double sinks, tiling, and shower upgrades. And according to HGTV, “heated floors attract buyers like bees to honey.”


Turn a basement (or attic) into a “flex room”


If you have an unfinished basement or attic in your home, you’re pretty much losing square footage. Finishing one of these oft-forgotten spaces will not only give you the ability to list your home with a few hundred more square feet, but will give you what industry professionals call a “flex room.” These rooms can be used as bedrooms, living areas, or home offices, and will add a good bit of value to your listing.


Paint until you can’t paint anymore


There is no home improvement more cost-effective than a fresh coat of paint. For a low price (about $25-$40 a gallon) and minimal effort, you can add loads of appeal to your home. When painting to sell, try to stay as neutral as possible with your color choice. That teal room may look cool to you, but you have to think about potential buyers. Stick with high-quality paints in white, brown, and grey shades.


Swap out a couple things in the kitchen


Like the bathroom, the kitchen is a room where remodels really boost value. But once you’ve already done a full remodel on the bathroom, a $25,000 full kitchen remodel doesn’t sound too appealing. That’s ok! Every little switch helps in this case. Replace an appliance or two. Redo your tile backsplash. Update your cabinets and fixtures. The ROI on any kitchen remodel is worth the effort.


Don’t undervalue curb appeal


One of the best home improvement projects to boost the resale value of your home isn’t a renovation or remodel, so to speak. We often focus so much on the guts of our homes we forget that exterior beauty is a huge factor in value. Curb appeal is very important to over 70% of homebuyers, according to polls. And the best way to increase curb appeal is with landscaping.


The best thing about landscaping is that it can be a completely DIY project – so all you’re spending money on are the plants, flowers, and trees. Well, that and your sweat equity. But hey, gardening is fun and beneficial to your overall health.


A home improvement project doesn’t have to be all about eventually selling the home for a higher price, but if you’re going to invest thousands of dollars into it, you should at least consider this. On the cheap, think about painting and landscaping. After that, move on to creating square footage in your home. Finally, tackle the rooms that get the most use – the bathroom and kitchen – with larger-scale remodels. With this strategy, you’ll boost the value of your home and make it a more pleasant place to live in the process.


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